10 Important Tips for Finding Right Hairdresser

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We’ve all been to a hairdresser and when it comes to going to a hairdresser we have our favorites in our locality or city. When you need a haircut, no one looks beyond a hairdresser in that case. But imagine you shift to new city for work or for schooling and college? How do you find a hairdresser who would fill the slot of a hairstylist you can trust?

The last thing that you want when you move to a new city is to walk into some random hairdresser shop blindly and walk out with the worst hair cut possible. To avoid such an embarrassing situation you need to know a few tips on how to find the best hairdresser in Melbourne or any other city that you have just arrived in.

10 Important Tips for Finding Right Hairdresser

10 Important Tips for Finding Right Hairdresser

Find the right hairstylist in a new place can take some time and research. But you will more than make up for the time spent, when you are able to find a good hairdresser you can trust.

 10 important tips for finding right hairdresser

  1. Ask your friends, colleagues and peers about their hairdresser or a hairstylist who is good in the area – known for his talent and is experienced.

  2. If you don’t know anyone in the new place you’ve just arrived in a few days back – look around for people in the locality, the grocery store or elsewhere. If you find someone whose hairstyle you like, don’t hesitate in asking the person. Most people (in such a scenario) will be flattered and more than willing to share the information with you.

  3. Trust in word of mouth and visit the hairdresser that people (you trust, if possible) suggest to you. We’ve believe that the best way to find the best hairstylist in the areas is to ask people in the locality. Choose a salon on others suggestion but do make sure it has a good reputation. You may also confirm with the stylist, if he/she is comfortable dealing with your hair type (in case you have a doubt).

  4. Good salons are ready to offer free consultation, so if you’re of the choosy kinds, you can fix up a consultation with the hairdresser to make sure he/she is the right person to hand your head to. You should be very sure if the hairdresser is the person you’d be comfortable getting your hair cut and readily willing to shell the cash.

  5. Social media is the solution for everything these days. It can come in handy in your case too, when you’re looking for that perfect hairstylist out there. Putting up a status on Facebook, to a tweet should get you a lot of suggestion on the best hairstylist in the area.

  6. You can also go online to see websites offering reviews to see who the best hairstylist in the area is.

  7. Make sure that the stylist that you have finally scaled down to is comfortable taking care of your hair type.

  8. Don’t follow the crowd. Be certain that the stylist who has the maximum footfall isn’t always the best. He may have maximum customers because he offers cheaper service etc.

  9. Make sure the stylist you pick is hygienic and takes care of his equipment

  10. It is important to find a good hairdresser in the locality so that you don’t end up wasting time travelling too much.

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