4 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

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Olive oil has a lot of benefits for human body. When it comes to hair care there are just immense number of things which olive oil can fix in so little time. It is surprising to see how an oil can do so much for the human body. The benefits of olive oil are listed below:

1.    Improves Hair Growth:

Olive oil is a great remedy for increasing the growth of your hair. It contains polyphenols in it which has anti bacterial and anti fungal formula in it, this promotes the growth of hair.

4 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

4 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Applying olive oil leaves hair in a much better condition and also makes them apparently beautiful and strong from inside.This treatment makes your scalp clean thus promoting the growth of hair. It also helps frizziness in your hair.

2.    Remedies for Falling Hair:

Olive is prevents falling of hair. It is used in many home remedies made for treating the problem of hair fall. One of these home remedies includes mixing olive oil with 3/4th of beaten egg and then applying it to the scalp for about 45 minutes. This treatment not only stops the hair from falling but also promotes the re-growth of fallen hair.

Olive oil is good as a conditioner. And many famous brands of conditioners do use olive oil in their products; this is due to the reason that olive oil helps in making your hair look voluminous.It is said that sometimes having a massage with olive oil might make your scalp feel heavy but once you mix it with coconut oil helps getting over that feeling.

3.    Treatment against brittle and dead hair:

The use of olive oil can also help you against brittle and dead hair. As olive oil has anti-oxidants in it, it would help in making your hair silky smooth and soft. It also adds life to them and they lose that dead appearance in them.

4.    Reduces Split Ends:

Split ends is a major problem which most of the girls have to tackle with. Hair starts looking more like a broom with split ends in your hair. But with regular use of olive oil this problem can be stopped and split ends can be closed. In just a week’s use your will become free from these split ends and will be as sleek as a dolls beautiful hair.  This is the best natural treatment against all hair problems which will leave no side effects.


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