5 Best Ways to Apply Concealer and Foundation

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Concealer is a very important part of makeup. It helps in making the marks on your skin invisible and also brings out your best features. If you forget applying concealer on your face then there would be no use of your make up as your scars and marks will not hide and the purpose of makeup is to hide marks. Foundation on the other hand helps in making your complexion prominent and enables your beautiful features to accentuate. You need to know the best ways to apply concealer and foundation if you want to out shine with your makeup.

Listed below are the five different ways by which you can apply concealer and foundation on your face.

1.Before applying any of these things on your face you must clean your face of everything. For purpose wash your face thoroughly with water and a good face wash and remove all the oils and impurities from your skin..

2.Now that you have cleansed your face you must proceed with your makeup. You need to start off with the eyes. There are two types of concealers; one which is in stick form and is water proof while the other is in liquid form and is not water resistant. I would say that you should use the one in stick form and apply it on your eyes. Try to hide the dark circles of your eyes completely. Apply the concealer on your eyelids and underneath the eyes.

5 Best Ways to Apply Concealer and Foundation

5 Best Ways to Apply Concealer and Foundation

3.After covering the eyes, you must apply the concealer around your lips because this part of the face at times is very dark and this will help in accentuating your lips and help in making them look luscious and big.

4.Now the key to getting a flawless finish with your foundation is by mixing it with a moisturizer. You can even use baby lotion in this case. Take about 2 drops of foundation and add one drop of moisturizer to it and then apply it evenly on your skin. This way your face will get a glow without using any compact powder or anything like that.

5.After the you have applied the concealer and the foundation and you have gotten that flawless and fine finish, seal your makeup with loose powder. This will prevent anything like your mascara or your lip gloss to smudge and it will make your fresh and glowing skin last forever.

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