5 Ways to Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish from Fingernails

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Glitter sure looks very pretty on nails, especially when you wear a light colored outfit. But when it comes to removing  the glitter nail polish from hands it gets very hard. It just does not gets off very quickly. This may be because the  glitter grains in the nail polish get adhered to your nails from firmly as compared to the normal nail color. Special  care is required when you try to remove this nail polish from your hands as when you try to scratch it from your nails  it might scrape off your nails. Here we will discuss how to remove glitter from fingernails.

Listed points below can help you how to remove glitter from fingernails:

1.Take a cotton ball and place it over the bottle of the nail polish remover. If one cotton ball does not cover  the bottle then try using two cotton balls so that the bottle is completely covered.

how to remove glitter from fingernails

5 Ways to Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish from Fingernails

2.Now you can spend the bottle of the remover by holding the cotton ball right in that place. This will cause the  cotton to soak up the right amount of nail polish remover in it. The right amount which is required to remove the  glitter from your finger nails is now in the cotton ball.

3.Now take this cotton ball and press it on your finger nail for a count of 20. Since this glitter is very hard to  remove so press the cotton ball for a long time, about 5 to 6 minutes; counting till 20 very slowly can work.

4.Now slowly remove the cotton ball from your finger nail still pressing it on to the nail. This would remove most  of the cotton from your finger nail but still if some of it is left on your nail you can take the cotton ball again and  firmly press it again over the nail but this not for a long time and this would remove the glitter from your hand  completely.

5.You need to repeat this process for each of the finger nail. You can give each different time each depending on  the size of the finger nail. So this means that you need to count between 1 to 10 or 1 to 20.

These steps can help in removing the glitter from your finger nails. So you do not have to scratch your nails to remove  the glitter grain adhered to your nails.

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