6 Foods That Will Make Your Skin and Hair Glowing

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Have you ever heard the saying that “Beauty is only skin deep?” Well don’t believe it for a minute. The right foods will purify and beautify you from the inside out and they include:

Wild Salmon:

This one is especially good for you because of its rich omega-3 contents. Salmon contains natural oils that help the skin to retain and even generate oils that help it maintain that youthful glow.

Foods That Will Make Your Skin and Hair Glowing

Foods That Will Make Your Skin and Hair Glowing

Mangoes and watermelons:

Yea some of us tend to look down on the lowly mango/watermelon, but if you have ever had a sun-burn, then you should know that these fruits are rich in carotenoids that help protect skin against sunburn, so even while you are slathering on enough sun-screen to drown your pores, you might also want to ingest the occasional mango or watermelon.

Foods rich in vitamin C:

Yes, we mean the oranges, kiwi fruit, grapes and carrots! Vitamin C does more than just help wounds heal; it also stimulates collagen in your skin thus actually helping you fight dryness and wrinkles.

6 Foods That Will Make Your Skin and Hair Glowing

6 Foods That Will Make Your Skin and Hair Glowing


Yes if you love glowing hair, skin and nails, your next grocery list had better include yoghurt. The biotin in the yoghurt strengthens your nail and it is a good source of protein too.

Dark chocolate:

We can actually see your smug grin as you finally have a smart-alecky excuse for the next time someone gets on your case for loving chocolates. Alright, we will say it once so listen up; a little dark chocolate actually provides your body with amazingly high levels of cocoa flavanols that ultimately result in softer skin and hydration. Although, it is doubtful how soft your skin will look if you overindulge.

Nuts and seeds:

Tired of skin flare-ups? Nuts and seeds are nature’s answers as they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that are certainly good for you!

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