6 Natural Mood Boosters Food for Women

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There are many times when women start feeling blue, down and depressed. It may be due to the natural menstrual cycle or because of any anxiety or stress of daily life. This blue feeling has to be ward off as you cannot just stay living like that. Studies have shown that food out of all the methods you try to reduce stress can help the most. Researchers have found out that the the following foods have proved to be the best mood boosters for women of all ages and they seem to work in the best possible way.

6 Natural Mood Boosters Food for Women

6 Natural Mood Boosters Food for Women

1.    Chocolate:

It is not new to many people that chocolate out of all foods it one of the best mood boosting food. It has been found out that exactly 14 ounces of this delicious treat make you happy. Well there is some science behind it. It has been seen through researched at the Nestle Factory that one bar causes reduction in stress in the hormones and this includes cortisol. It is due to the anti oxidants in the chocolate bar which prevent stress levels from rising.

2.    Carbs:

There have been any rumors about carb being high in calories and they being they cause of obesity, well that is not the case. That is just another perception of people which must be changed. According to the study by the Archives of Internal Medicine carb foods are great for relieving stress as they promote the production of serotonin in the human body which is a “feel good” chemical inside the brain.

3.    Fruits and Vegetables:

These are great for health and another reason for consuming more of them is because they are great in reducing stress in people. The studies conducted by the British Journal of Psychiatry it was seen that people who consume more fruits and vegetables are known to be more calm and they are less stressed as compared to people who eat more of processed meats, fried foods, desserts etc. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin B, anti oxidants, and many other nutrients they directly affect the neurotransmitters and they prevent increased levels of stress.

4.    Fish:

Fish and mussels are great for keeping your mood boosted. They are rich in omega 3 and our bodies do not produce omega 3, the only way, we can get this is through these foods. Omega 3 alters the brain cells which are linked with brain and it prevents stress levels from rising as a result.

5.    Coconut:

It is said that coconut is great for reducing the stress levels. When you breath coconut scent your responses of fight or flight become blunt. In  a study at the Columbia University it has been seen that people who breathed the scent of coconut oil had their blood pressure calmed down much quickly as compared to people who didn’t smell it.

6.    Tea:

Whenever you feel fuzzy any kind of tea can help you out. Try taking the caffeinated tea it can either be black, green or even the oolong tea. These are said to be great mood boosters according to a study of the Journal of Nutrition.

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