Affordable Vintage Engagement Rings

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Want to select the best vintage and trendy engagement ring but could not decide because many of your favorite ones are out of range. Then here is the solution of your problem. Here are the descriptions of different types of engagement rings which are also the top engagement rings of 2016.

Opal Ring Faceted Fire Opal Ring

It is a sterling silver ring. The fire opals of this ring are of AAA quality. The fire opal gem of this ring is genuine faceted. The dimension of oval opal gem is 9mm*7mm. You will find blue and green sparkles in this ring along with orange glow. It is of 258USD.

Opal ring opal ring for women

Antique Edwardian Engagement Ring

This beautiful ring has 18K white gold in it. The gem is diamond and is 47 carat. The gem has the only color. The gem is round and 4.9mm in measurement. When someone views the ring from the top they will see that it’s a very wider profile. It can be easily worn or if you want you can wear also wear it with the wedding band.

Vintage 1940s Blue Zircon Ring

In his trendy engagement rings, you will find blue zircon and diamonds. Above the halo of 10, eight cut diamonds the blue zircon is attached. Both blue zircon and diamond contrast very beautifully and wonderfully. You will see that the shank is wide. Blue zircon is approximately of 5.4mm and is of 0.8 carats. The diamond is approximately of 0.28 carats. The shank of this ring is very marrow at the back, approximately 0.9mm and wide at the shoulders, approximately 2.3mm.

blue ring

Blue sapphire and diamond ring

It has 14k white gold. The gemstone in the center is rectangular cushion mixed cut. It is a natural sapphire and weighs about 0.50ct. This ring also has 2 pear shaped cut natural diamonds which weights about 0.284ct. You will also find 40 round brilliant cut diamonds in this ring. These diamonds weigh about 0.285ct. Total weight of gemstone is 1.066ct and the total weight of the ring is 3.9ct.

engagment rings

Antique Engagement Ring Victorian .72ct Oval Cut Diamond in 14k Yellow Gold

It features a beautiful 72ct oval cut diamond and 14 carats yellow gold. The beautiful half of the ring contains 14old mine cut diamonds. The center of the ring is surrounded by these diamonds. This vintage ring is stunning and beautiful from every angle. Primary stone in this ring is a genuine natural diamond. Total weight of the stone is 0.72gm and that of diamond is 0.86gm. The height of ring above finger is 4.45.

diamond ring

Edwardian daisy floral diamond engagement ring

This pretty and elegant ring has 9 eight cut diamonds adjusted in a platinum face. The shank of this ring is made of 18 carat gold. The face of the ring is 7*7mm. the width of the band is 2mm. The total weight of ring is 3 grams.

Antique Sapphire Ring -Art Deco Synthetic Sapphire & Diamond

This ring is made of 18 carats white gold. The primary stone is natural old cut European diamond and weighs about 0.82 grams.

Antique Sapphire

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