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Weight loss plans

The best weight loss plans is one that is healthy and effective. It is easier to follow and has no side-effect. There can be variations in plans according to a person’s overall health, lifestyle, dietary intake and medical history. Some experts may also consider hereditary factors and the particular region.

Various weight loss plans are devised by professionals. These are best adopted under supervision of dietician. A few of these are described here:

1. Detoxification diet

Among all weight loss plans, this is the most effective and complicated too. It can work wonders especially for extremely obese people. It is ideal for those with liver disease, parasitic infestation and other medical problems. It purifies body of toxic matters. It keeps fat from accumulating in the body. It also improves immune system and gastric system. Besides fat burning, it helps maintain general health. It purifies blood and improves skin condition as well. This weight loss plan is the most recommended one in the world.

In detox diet, overall food intake is reduced to smaller food portions. It includes fresh juices, green leafy vegetables, raw foods, smoothies and shakes. Commercially prepared foods can also be taken. These are protein powders, detoxification nutrients and vitamins.


There are some side-effects of detoxification diet plan reported especially by those who adopt it on their own without consultation of an expert dietician or a doctor. They may feel headache, nausea, gastric disturbance,weakness and sometimes increased appetite. Citrus fruits eaten frequently can cause sore throat in some sensitive people.Therefore, keep everything moderate. Instead of taking same foods every day, try to add a wide variety. Don’t drink water after eating juicy fruits. It may upset your stomach and cause pain. Food assimilation may also get disrupted in some cases.

2. High-fiber diet

It is also another highly beneficial and healthy weight loss plan. Perhaps, it is the most common in the world of dieters. In this plan only fruits, vegetables and whole-wheat cereals are consumed. All processed fiber-free stuff is avoided. Since, fiber is nature’s organic cleanser of the body; it helps you get rid of gastric problems. It improves digestive system and boosts metabolic rate. Because, there is vast variety of fiber-containing foods, you don’t need to stick to a few specific vegetables or cereals. Enjoy your meals without compromising over health.

3.Liquid diet

Liquid diet is also one of the most widely followed weight loss plans. It is not water therapy or taking only liquids. It actually means to drink food instead of eating in usual or normal manner. In such weight loss plans, solids are replaced with fluids. You can take soup, fruit juice, stew, broth, shake, smoothie, tea and milk.

Liquid foods are easily digested and absorbed in the blood. Therefore, these are ideal for those with gastric problems, such as indigestion.

4. Low-fat diet

This is also one of the most widely used weight loss plans. Only those edibles are consumed that are low in calories. Food portion, type and form are not a big matter. It can be taken raw or cooked. Citrus fruits, vegetables, cereals, juices, soup, steamed or boiled snacks and low-fat products are included. On the other hand, saturated fats, oil, butter, white rice, desserts, confectionery items and other high-calorie diet is totally restricted. Don’t forget to read nutritional information on commercial foods before eating them.

With advancement in the field of Foods and Nutrition, a large number of weight loss plans are devised. Choose only that plan which best suits your particular needs and specific health conditions.


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