Basic Tips for Skin Care

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Simple & Easy Skin Care Tips

Basic Tips for Skin Care

Skin can easily dry out in Summer, even for those with oily skin. In fact,  weather can have adverse affects on your face, hands and on other body parts. For taking care of your skin during summer, follow these tips to have great results.


The best practice is to prevent skin from becoming dry by avoiding exposure to heat.  If you’re outgoing and walk outside a lot, you must keep strong winds off the face and neck as it can dry out easily in Winter as well in Summer.
Wear a scarf to avoid weather effects. Winter is the time when air is the driest and that’s when many women complaint about having cracked, damaged and scaly skin.

Moisturize properly

In cold weather, make sure you are using a good-quality moisturizer that is rich in oil.  This is the best way to keep skin hydrated, soft and supple.

Lip balm

Use products such as a chapstick and other kind of lip balm that will help protect your lips against harsh weather effects. Severely dry lips can make you feel pain and cause discomfort. Lips are easily damaged and cracked because these lack water-producing glands.  Add protective layer in dry air.
Many moisturizing products are available over-the-counter. You can have an intensive moisturizer that gives an added protection. This can be a bit more expensive than regular moisturizers but its really beneficial for the skin. Just use it in days when skin feels extremely dry. If your lips are too dry, some of those products can actually make them more dry. In that situation, the best option is to get an appointment with a dermatologist. With regular moisturizer, prevention from sun damage is possible, even in bitterly cold weather. Make sure there is sunscreen in your moisturizer to have added benefits.
Mud masks

These are an excellent source of keeping skin tight, firm and hydrated. You can prepare several masks at home such as one made with honey, cucumber juice, powdered orange peel, peach or tomato juice. Mask is an important part of any skin care program. Apply it frequently especially if you have oily skin. It will close pores as well.

Balanced diet

A diet consisting of all food groups is important to keep skin healthy. Citrus fruits and raw veggies are excellent for glowing, smooth and flawless skin. These provide essential nutrients that purify blood and thus refresh your appearance. Drink plenty of fresh water everyday, especially in Summer to compensate for excessive water loss.

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