Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin in Winter

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Winter weather can make skin irritated, rough and dry easily so you need to know some tips for glowing skin to look attractive and more beautiful even in chilly weather. You must focus on daily skin care to become more shiny and healthier.

Moisturize Skin

Use lukewarm water

Taking hot shower and bath will make you feel relaxed and good. Also use lukewarm water to wash hands and face because cold water can take moisture from the skin leaving it dry and dull.

Moisturize Daily

After washing skin, apply a good quality moisturizing lotion all over the face, neck and hands to keep skin hydrated. Applying moisturizer to wet skin seals the dampness into the skin. You can place a bottle near bath tub, sink or shower stall and apply it lavishly all over the body. This will surely give you a glowing skin in winter.

To have best results, choose moisturizer carefully. There are many ovoer-the-counter prodcuts that have petroleum-based ingredients that make skin more dry in chilly weather. Choose a moisturizer containing nourishing ingredients. The best is oil-based not water-based solution because oil-based lotions help retain moisture in the skin better. Moisturizing oils are also ideal for the skin. These are made with natural hydrating ingredients like jojoba, chamomile and lavender that soothe itchy and dry skin instantly.

Glowing Skin in Winter

Glowing Skin in Winter

Skin Protection

Avoid going out in chilly air with bare skin. Make sure you always wear gloves and scarf to protect the skin from cold winds, snow and rain. Always wear sunscreen of SPF 30 even on shady days when there’s no sunlight. Winter sun can be as damaging as summer sun so be safe and choose a solution made with titanium oxide or zinc oxide to the exposed skin areas.

Overnight Moisture

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer on the skin before you go to sleep because night is the best time for skin care.

Get Humidity

Install a humidifier inside home especially in bedroom because heaters dry out the air and they are frequently used in winter. Moisture will be put back in the air through a humidifier keeping your skin moist and preventing it from drying out.

Drink Plenty of Water

Normally, girls drink less water in winter because they don’t become thirsty. This is a careless habit and you must take at least 8 to 10 glasses of plain water in chilly weather to keep skin and body hydrated. Add lemon in warm water to have a healthy and refreshing drink.

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