Best 10 Power Foods You Should Eat This Winter

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The cold freezing winters bring with it its own set of specialties. There are the foods, the games, the hang outs of winters which are special in their own way. And just like that winters have their own set of protections to keep one away from getting sick or anything like that. There are 10 power foods you should eat this winter if you want to stay healthy and also have fun with the cold weather around you.

Listed below are the best 10 power foods you should eat this winter season:


You must drink plenty of hot milk, and consume dairy foods such as yogurt and cheese mixed with many other foods. This would keep you warm from within and also give your bones the right protection. In winter season bones have the tendency to break as it is very cold and having a vitamin D and calcium intake can really protect your bones.

Best 10 Power Foods You Should Eat This Winter

Best 10 Power Foods You Should Eat This Winter


The stews made with lean beef in it provide the body with iron which is needed for the production of red blood cells which is needed for proper functioning of the body.

3.Green Tea:

Just one mug of green tea in winters is good to warm you up. It also has other qualities like acting as an anti cancerous drink which prevents the growth of tumors of skin.


It is good to eat Tuna in winters since it has vitamin D in it which we do not get much as we do not get exposed to the sun that much.


This delicious and chewy grain contains in it ingredients which lower the cholesterol inside your body and has selenium in it and this prevents you from getting damaged because of the free radicals. It is a perfect ingredient to be mixed in soups and stews.

10 Power Foods You Should Eat This Winter

10 Power Foods You Should Eat This Winter


The winter squashes are best to be consumed in winters. The two tasty and healthy squashes are of butternut and pumpkin which contain in them vitamin A which helps in improving one’s eyesight.

7.Garlic and Onions:

These two bulbs not only make our foods tastier but also protect us from any winter bugs. This is because they have anti microbial properties in them.


This provides the body with vitamin K which helps in giving one strong bones and helps in blood clotting during this season. the megadose of vitamin K is something we all need during this season.


The two types of potatoes are for their flavor and their qualities can not neglected. The white potatoes provide one with vitamin C whereas the sweet potatoes provide you with vitamin A. both these vitamins protect the immune system during the cold weather.


The fruits rich in citrus such as oranges, limes, grapefruits etc must be consumed more during this season as they would help in nourishing the skin and protecting it against dryness. They also help the immune system in making it function properly.

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