Best Diet for Diabetic Patients

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If you are diabetes patient then you need to take care of your diet, because your body needs no extra things which may make new disturbance for your digestive system. So, take a perfect diet in breakfast, lunch and also in dinner. Here are some of the suitable diet plans for diabetics patients.

Breakfast for diabetic patients

One toasted slice completely wheat bread along with one table spoon margarine

1 to 2 egg whites or replace with cottage cheese

Half mug oatmeal

Half mug skim milk

Half minimal banana

Best breakfast for diabetic patients

Best breakfast for diabetic patients

Special Lunch for diabetic patients

Energy 535, 75 grams carobs

One mug soup of fresh vegetables with Four-Six crackers

One chicken sub two pieces full wheat bread, One oz chicken as well as One oz minimal – fat cheese, One tsp mayo

One little apple

Lunch for diabetic patients

Lunch for diabetic patients

Dinner time diet for diabetic patients

Four oz broiled chicken white meat along with tulsi as well as oregano spread on the top

2 to 3 mug cooked properly brownish rice

HALF mug cooked properly carrots

One little full grain meal rolls with a single tsp margarine

Tossed salad with two tbsp very low-fat greens dressing

So it is your diet chart for daily routine, it does not mean that you have to eat the same food daily, you can take substitutes of all above mentioned foods.

Dinner menu for diabetic patients

Dinner menu for diabetic patients

Timing also counts a lot that when to eat. It all should decide according to the advice of your doctor. Some should eat something after every 2 hour and some are suggested not to eat before or after injecting insulin. Walk is very important for diabetes patients so walk early in the morning without footwear on green grass. Don`t eat too much, balanced diet is good for diabetes patients as well as leave those thing which are full of sugar and fats. Because sugar and fats is very dangerous for your health. Stress makes man and woman ill and also makes your body weak and you feel lazy.

How to Use Diet in Diabetes Management

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