Best Food for Making Body Strong and Beautiful

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Diet has a key role in your general health, height and body strength. By taking well-balanced diet rich in energy foods you can increase your height as well as strengthen body muscles. This type of diet is extremely important in growing age when cells are being formed.

It is better to be careful about your eating habits before puberty because growth process considerably slows down after that age. Once full height has reached, it is impossible to increase it further.

These foods should be taken to get tall and strong:

Calcium-rich foods

Strong bones need calcium to grow. Its sources are milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, fish like sardine and yogurt. When combined this foods with exercise, it works excellent to increase height.

Weight-bearing exercises are the best to make bones stronger. These include jogging with weights, climbing stairs, weight-lifting, dancing and swimming. Such workout activities force muscles to work against gravity. They move with resistance. In this way, bones absorb more calcium and gain strength. So, these are highly effective.


To build muscles and increase body mass, proteins are vital nutrients. Its excellent sources are meant, fish, poultry, beef, egg white, dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. This nutrient is essential to repair body tissues and form new muscles. It makes you energetic and stronger.

Vitamin A

For healthy bones, eat foods that have high amount of vitamin A. Liver, raw carrots, spinach, apricot, oatmeal, egg yolk, red bell pepper, turnip greens and chard are some of the foods rich in Vitamin A. You can also take it as supplements after consulting a physician or dietitian.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is widely known for its contribution to strong bones. It helps you grow taller and stronger. Egg, cod liver oil, dairy products like cheese and milk, fish, beef, liver are rich sources of this important vitamin. It is also available in supplement form. Exposure to sunlight can also help gain this vitamin.


Zinc is a vital mineral that promotes natural growth. It also makes immune system strong. So, include it in your daily diet. Some foods containing good amount of zinc are chicken, nuts, liver, seeds, beans, oysters and oatmeal. Zinc can be taken in the form of pills or capsules are prescribed by physician.

The most preferred and effective way to get nourishment is taking nutrients through diet instead of supplements, because, supplements are not fully absorbed in the blood.

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