Best Natural Body Scrub Recipe

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Scrubs are great to remove dead skin cells and renew them. It works perfect to rejuvenate the skin and increase blood flow making it softer, supple and glowing. Instead of using commercial scrubs that are full of artificial chemicals and harsh ingredients, try making them at home using natural products. These are not only more effective but also easy-to-make and free of any harmful agents.

Home-made Body Scrub Recipe 1 :Sesame seed oil and salt

An easy home-made scrub recipe is to combine salt and sesame seed oil in a bowl. Mix it well until it forms into a thick paste. Now pour essential oil drop-by-drop and keep mixing. Fold it until all ingredients are combined well. Use wooden spoon to stir. Take the spoon out and keep bowl aside. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to allow it set completely. For better usage, pour this mixture into a glass jar or bottle and tightly seal the lid.

Olive oil: In the above recipe, sesame seed oil can be replaced with extra virgin olive oil. In place of salt, you can use fine sugar as well.

Natural Body Scrub Recipe 2 : Honey, coconut oil, pineapple juice, sugar

Take granulated sugar and place in a mixing bowl. Add coconut oil stir well to remove any lumps. Now pour in honey, essential oil and pineapple juice. Store in a jar with tightly sealed lid.

All ingredients added in this scrub have their unique property. Sugar is a great exfoliate. Coconut oil has excellent moisturizing ability that keeps skin hydrated and healthy. Pineapple juice contains ‘papain’- an enzyme that triggers cell renewal process. It replaces dead cells with new ones. Honey is anti-bacterial product which thoroughly cleanses skin pores and softens it.

Direction for Natural Body Scrub : Take a small amount of scrub in your palm and massage gently in circular motion all over the body. Focus dry and dull areas more. After a few minutes, turn on shower and wash off the skin with warm water. Use shower gel or soap as you normally do. When you’re done pat dry the skin lightly, and avoid rubbing at that time because freshly exfoliated skin can get rashes on it.

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