Breakfast Foods for Improving Concentration

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Five Breakfast Foods That Improve Concentration

Breakfast Foods for Improving Concentration

Concentration is crucial to achieve any task, its important for work and study. Lack of it may have serious consequences like failure to attain your goals, and difficulty accomplishing your tasks. In fact, it can be very disturbing at times, not being able to concentrate. Your efficiency, thinking pattern and approach towards meeting desired goals is greatly influenced by concentration. Productivity in work and job largely depends upon how focused you are.
Many foods are known to boost up your energy and also help improve concentration. Some breakfast snacks which help make your memory and concentration better are:

1.Whole Grains

Wheat, oatmeal and barley baked or in bread provide instant energy and improve concentration. Make a nutritious breakfast combination by adding citrus fruits like blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Eggs can also be taken as these are good source of vitamin B, essential fatty acids and lecithin, which is excellent for your memory and brain. However, its better not to take egg-yolk because of high amount of cholesterol in it. Take egg whites as boiled or in any other desirable form.  

2.Milk products

Dairy products like yogurt, cheese and milk are rich in protein and calcium. These are widely consumed because of their contribution in memory improvement. Have yogurt with berries, while cheese can be layered in whole grain bread sandwiches. Mix chunks of apple into yogurt and pour some honey on top. Its an excellent breakfast combination for a fresh start of the day. Try to avoid condensed milk or rich milky desserts as these can cause weight gain in a few days. Butter should also be taken but in meager amount, as its too fattening.


Folate and essential fatty acid are present in sufficient amount in nuts. These nutrients are good for improving brain efficiency and concentration. Add some almonds, walnuts or other nuts to a freshly baked breakfast cereal. It’s a tasteful concentration-boosting breakfast . Mix it up with berries or any other seasonal fruit available. You can also make a rich almond shake that is best known for its memory improving qualities. 

4.Green tea

There are several researches coming ahead about great benefits of tea, especially green tea. Taking it in breakfast is not only refreshing but also good for making concentration better. This herbal tea is also consumed to stay in shape and maintain body weight. So, add tea in your breakfast and enjoy its dual benefits.

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