Choosing Patterns and Beads Top 10 Best Jewelry Beads

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Jewelry beads have been made from different material types and sizes. They vary from glass beads to clay beads, wooden beads and even shamble style beads. Most beads are small in size while others are large and they all play a major role in making jewelry. When choosing which beads to use on a jewelry piece, it is important to learn of the available types. This makes decision making easy.

It is important to understand that the type of beads you make use of will greatly determine whether your piece will be considered luxury jewelry or just normal fashion jewelry. This is determined by the price of the bead as they are all priced differently.

Choosing Patterns and Beads Top 10 Best Jewelry Beads

Choosing Patterns and Beads Top 10 Best Jewelry Beads

Top 10 best jewelry beads

The bugle bead

These types of beads are normally shape like tubes and are available in varying sizes, twists, colors and finishes. The sizes are cut following a sequence ranging between 0.5 and 5.

The charlottes

These are seed beads that originated from the Czech Republic. They can be distinguished from their flat facets visible from the bead’s surface.

The chatons

These are crystal beads that are set in metal. They have sewing lops underneath their surface where the threat is inserted when they are being used to make jewelry.

The cloisonné

These bead types are made from enamel that has been fired on the background to bring out a stained glass or mosaic effect. These are very decorative and can be found in varying sizes and shapes.

The crow beads

These are beads that are large in size and their shapes resemble seed beads. They are also commonly mistaken for pony beads and are mainly crafted from glass, wood or plastic. However, these beads are larger than the pony beads.

The crystal beads

These bead types are crafted from leaded glass and they have a shiny look. These beads can be faceted to add the shiny effects. The most common crystal beads are the Swarovski beads that are also categorized as Czech beads and are more affordable. These types of beads are used for special jewelry like tiaras and wedding gowns. The clear crystal beads are commonly referred to as rhinestones.

The delicas

These are beads that are cylindrical in shape and are made from Japanese glass. They come with large holes but thin walls. They are only available in size 8 and 11. These beads are considered best for bead weaving as they lie flat easily.

The faceted beads

These types of beads are the ones that are cut to create numerous flat surfaces to bring out a sparkling look. These are easily confused for glass beads or semi precious beads.

The gem beads

These types of beads are mostly crafted from gemstones, manmade material or enhanced gemstones.

Liquid beads

These can be either gold or silver. These beads bring out the gold or silver liquid look when they are woven. These can cover stranded wired perfectly.

When you are aware of the ten most ideal jewelry beads to craft jewelry from, you will be able to create different types of jewelry for different niches if for business purposes. One can also use this knowledge to craft their personal beaded jewelry easily.


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