Classy Footwear Collection for Girls 2013-14

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Shoes tell you all about one’s personality. If you look at one’s shoes you will get to know all about that person. Shoes are a very important part of one’s personality. The footwear collection for girls 2013-14 has so many beautiful designs in it. Every shoe that is seen in shoe outlets are just breath taking and if you want to be a fashion icon then I won’t blame you for wanting to buy every single piece of those shoes.

The styles in shoes are very different these days. After looking at the footwear collection for girls of 2013-14 I have come to know that there are a few shoe style which are very commonly seen and it is a must to have them in your closet this year.

High heels top the charts by being the most stylish of shoes. You can wear them at parties and also at formal occasions like a meeting or at work. These heels are like no other. They are really high and are round from the front. They look great in every color but black is a color which out of colors stands out. You can check out the latest Marie Claire collection and you will find these heels there. Charles and Keith also has a wide variety of such heels specially in the season of winters.

Classy Footwear Collection for Girls 2013-14

Classy Footwear Collection for Girls 2013-14

The cute pumps still are and have always been in style in the winter season. The style these days is to wear pumps which are matching with your outfits. The pumps with bows on them look very cute. The classy ones have a shiny finish and it is seen in the latest collection that they are mostly pointed from the front and are accessorized with buckles, bows and stones.

Boots can never go out of style during the winter season. You have to be blind to not like them. They must be a part of your closet. The leather boots with heels or the velvet flat boots both add style to your dressing when you wear them.


The hot and sunny summer season means wearing shoes which make you feel cooler. The cute and matching flip flops are a great accessory these days and look very cute with Capri shorts and tights. The Jesus sandals are so out of style now so whatever you do never buy those again. The normal type of sandals with bright colors however are a must have this year.

Classy Footwear Collection for Girls 2013-14

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