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Every woman wants to look polished, decent and attractive. That does not come overnight and you have to put lots of effort to improve yourself. No matter what natural features you have, you can still enhance your beauty by trying out various tips and techniques that can hide your flaws and highlight your best parts.

Clear skin

The first thing you must do is to take good care of your skin. A clean spotless skin attracts every one. So, cleanse it regularly and get proper beauty treatments as well. Keep it glowing, well-hydrated and smooth by applying good –quality skin care products daily.

Well styled hair

Your hair style affects the whole personality and appearance. Unkempt hair will certainly give an awkward look and leave poor impression on people you socialize with. Keep your hair well-combed and tied. Get hair cut that suits your face shape and improves your appearance.

Appropriate dress

Clothes have deep impact upon your appearance. Appropriate stylish outfit makes you presentable, charming and well-groomed. So, choose your dress carefully. Visit boutiques and read fashion magazines to polish your esthetic sense. Wear colors and styles that are appropriate with your figure, height, weight and occasion. Jeans and shirt is always in vogue. It instantly lifts your mood and makes you look pretty. Trousers and Capri are also stylish .


Jewelry and shoes are as important as your dress itself . Wear stylish pumps, sandals or court shoes that fit rightly into your feet and also look attractive. Wear jewelry that makes you charming, glamorous and refreshed. Necklace, finger rings, bracelets and ear rings are most popular among women. When wearing all these together, make sure these are of the same color and style to create harmony.


Put up rosy gloss, extended mascara and fine eye liner to elevate your appearance immediately. Makeup can make you well-groomed, attractive, enchanting and fresh. This is the key to self-improvement. Try out different shades and shapes to determine which of them suits you.

Consider your natural complexion, hair color and outfit when putting on makeup. Lip color is usually of the same shade as of your dress. Choose neutral or pink with black or white dress.

Wearing cosmetic lenses is another fabulous way of improving your appearance. It works great in get-togethers and night outs. Always buy color that suits your face and eyes. Follow these tips regularly to make yourself more beautiful and lovely.

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