Designing a Functional Study Room

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Designing a Study Room

Designing a Functional Study Room

Study room decor is all about bright soothing colors, functional interior and proper space management. It is no more confined to dull colors, one chair, table and a lamp only.  Modern study rooms are more well-planned, comfortable to study in and attractive as well. Its a place with solitude, quietness and peace all around. It can be hard to have it designed perfectly because of shrinking spaces.

Multi-purpose decor

A smart solution is to combine various areas together and utilize them for different purposes. Use convertible furniture, a living room can be used as a study room at night. Similarly, assign a small portion of your bed room for keeping books, reading material and other educational gadgets or tools.

Casual-cum- formal

Usually, interior decor is either too formal or too informal. But its a great idea having an appealing mix of both. Begin with one part of the room and select the largest wall to make a spacious bookshelf there. Arrange all books nicely to give a streamlined look. Get another smaller bookshelf having glass panes or doors to keep them covered and also add design element into it. Galss can be colored, glazed, frosted or etched according to your taste. It will also let you store stationary. Place a large table and a comfortable chair in the same area to let you sit there and read conveniently. Don’t forget to have drawers for stuffing in your messy docs stacked nicely in folders.

Natural light

Having big windows behind seating area is great because it will let ample light and fresh air enter the room. No matter how many lightings you fit there, day light has its own effect and advantages. Therefore, must focus on getting plenty of light in your study room.

Fit the gadgets 

Place computer on a table at an angle easy to view and operate without making much effort. Keep all accessories at hand so that you don’t have to waste time for getting one print-out or composing assignments.

Casual Decor

A comfortable beanbag, a small coffee table, a vivacious rug to enliven the corner is enough. Have bright-colored book holders for magazines and newspapers. Floor cushions can also be used when you don’t feel like using sofa or chair.


Fix an added small light over your study table apart from normal room fixtures. It will serve you in the evening and at night.
Keep entire decor light, functional and soothing.

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