Dressing Tips While You Travel to India: What to wear if you are a woman

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India is a very unique country and if you haven’t visited it, then you are really missing out on something big! A trip to this country can open your eyes to some new vistas of life. The crowd, the culture, the food, the history, and the tradition- everything about this nation is so remarkably diverse! However, before you grab those tempting India holiday packages, you need to do some basic homework about the dressing style.

India may be straddling towards modernity but the locals are still conservative when it comes to attires. The movie actresses may romp on the Bollywood screen in itsy-bitsy clothes. But you dare them to slip into those same clothes in real life, and most of them are going to recoil in horror! Women must cover their bodies adequately. But how adequate is adequate enough would depend entirely on the city you are visiting! Since, India is exceptionally diverse in geography and culture, there are different dressing rules for different cities.

So, when you are visiting those sassy, brazen metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, you can wear chic outfits including sleeveless tops, backless gowns, off-shoulder dresses, shorts and even cleavage-baring tees. However, make sure that you are not crossing the line of decency and are not showing too much of skin, unless you want to invite the perverse stares of male voyeurs! So, do not wear costumes which will show your midriffs or side-boobs or those slit-thigh dresses which Hollywood actresses like to wear while sashaying down the red carpet.

Dressing Tips While You Travel to India What to wear if you are a woman

Dressing Tips While You Travel to India What to wear if you are a woman

Goa, one of the best places to visit in India, even allows you to slip into bikinis while sun-bathing on the beaches (but do not go nude or topless)! But then, the rest of the beach destinations in the country are not that liberal! Beaches of Kerala, Chennai or Puri, for instance, would require you to dress conservatively since the locals out there are traditionally bent and still heavily clung on to old customs.

Irrespective of the city you are in (be it Delhi or be it Cochin), you must be decently dressed while visiting religious attractions. It is advisable to don Indian outfits like saree or salwar while visiting the temples and shrines. But if you do not want to experiment with Indian clothes and wish to stick to western outfits, try wearing jeans (shun that ‘mini skirt) and tops which have sleeves, and do not reveal your back, shoulder or cleavage! In some religious attractions like the Dargah, the dressing norms are stringent and you may be asked to cover your head with a scarf!

If you happen to visit the villages, then you should dress up conservatively (i.e. wear anything which covers your knees, arms and body completely) since the villagers may not be used to liberal outfits and your indecent dressing may be a cause for discomfort, scandal and even outright protest.

Overall, you must dress sensibly and choose your outfit with discretion. Holiday packages providers can also supply you with a complete list of do’s and don’ts so that you can have a hassle-free experience!

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