Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Tutorial For Pakistani Girls

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Doing perfect eye makeup is a tricky thing and it needs lots of practice, aesthetic sense and right use of colors is important. given here are some makeup tips for beginners:


The base of your eye makeup is important because it serves multiple purposes. It make skin tone even and also increases staying power of the shadow. It also helps in easy application of makeup.


Highlight is optional but important when going to a party. Its an essential part of formal makeup. Gold, silver and copper are mostly used. Dab some little amount from upper lashline to eye brow area. Cover it all and blend well. Use only a little amount just enough to cover the skin and give effect.

Eye shadow

Choosing right color and type of eye shadow is important. In casual days, soft tones will work like pink, lavender, grey and copper. But for formal occasions, use warm tones and darker shades. Apply lightly staring from inner corner of the eye and swipe to the other end. Cover the eye lid area that is popped. To make corner, use darker tone like black, deep brown or gray. Blend it well after you are done with all.

Eye liner and mascara

Line your eyes with thin layer of water-proof liner. It has different styles but for beginners only thin shape is enough. You can extend it if you have smaller eyes.

Applying mascara is really simple. Move your eye lashes downward and the wand in upward direction for added extension and proper application. Let the first coat get completely dry. Re-apply another coat of mascara. It will make your lashes thicker and longer. Apply some on the lower lashes as well. You can also use eye lash curler for little extension of the lashes.

For colored eyes, darker tones look best for easy eye makeup

The best idea for perfect makeup is to see models in magazines and notice their shades and combinations. Online sources are also great. Consulting makeup artist will also help a great deal.

Right tools

For perfect eye makeup application, it is highly important to use the right tools. Keep sponges, brushes, applicators and other tools available. Wash and dry them after each use. For liner, use brush with thin and pointed bristles because it will let you make perfect shape.

High quality cosmetics

Buy makeup items of reputed brands only and replace them often to make sure you are using the right product.

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