Easy Steps on How to Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish

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Glitter nail polish sure looks very beautiful when you put it on your nails but when its time to take it off, it will go everywhere except off your nail on to the cotton ball.

It is very annoying when a situation like this has to be tackled with. It starts to look very icky when you do not take it off for more than a week.

Well lucky enough for you this article provides you with easy steps on how to easily remove glitter nail polish from your nails.


I have divided the steps on how to easily remove glitter nail polish in pointers.

1.  First you need to gather all the necessary supplies. You will be needing a nail polish remover of course, a cotton ball, and an aluminum foil. If you do not have that you can make use of a rubber band or an elastic hair band.

2.  Take the cotton ball and dip it completely in the nail polish remover. After that press it against your nails. Glitter nail polish is very hard to remove which is why it needs the remover to be held tightly against the nail.


3.  If you have the aluminum foil and you will be using that you will have to shred it into pieces of the same size as your nail. If you will be making use of a rubber band make sure you have enough for each finger.

4.  When your cotton ball is soaked into nail polish remover you can place it on your nail and cover it with the foil.

5.  The cotton ball must be wrapped around the finger nail and it must soak your nail too. The position must be in such a manner that the cotton ball must be over your finger which must be wrapped by the aluminum foil for some time. You need to wrap it very firmly and not let the cotton fall off. The aluminum foil is used so that the cotton ball stays in place and does not fall out. In case you are using a rubber band or a hair band you need to tie the cotton on to your finger with it in a way that the cotton does not fall off. This will help in getting rid of the glitter nail polish quickly and without too mush hard work.


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