Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

These days hiring an interior designer is not affordable by all as it has become too hard to meet the expenses of items used in home and also the reward for the one who takes the responsibility of designing your home. Why not use your own creativity and skills to enliven an ordinary house to make it more attractive, comfortable and beautiful. Follow these simple tips:

Observation, brain storming

First of all, carefully examine every part of your house from kitchen to patio, living room to basement, garage to dining area and every corner inside. See where you need some improvement and start getting ideas in your mind about how to transform any dull or worn-out arrangement into a better one. Note down where renovation, repair or remodeling is required. Then, masterfully implement your plan.


A great way to bring life into a boring house is to add lots of vivacious colors into it. All walls of living room don’t need to be the same. Play with different tones but make sure its appealing to the eye and is also harmonious with the rest of decor. Larger rooms can have dark or deep shades like navy, black and maroon; whereas smaller areas should have softer tones such as pink, peach, lavender, skin, beige or other earthy tones.
Choosing color sensibly is very important as it is going to leave big impression on the whole arrangement. Too bright paints can be irritating to the eyes especially in drawing room. Neutral shades are all- time favorite but now-a-days trends are changing and people love having warm hues like red, orange, shocking pink and parrot green as well. These better be added in kids room but in a sensible way.

Replace linen

This is another grand idea. Instead of buying new sofa, change its fabric and see the difference. Stitch new cushion covers in different shapes and sizes and spread them nicely on chairs and couches. Bed covers should also be changed frequently. Get some frills on edges of an ordinary bed sheet and pillow cases to bring life into them. Select fabric print carefully and make sure it goes well with entire decor.

Accessories also matter

Some women ignore accessories completely, thinking that these are only useless objects. In fact, these can add thrill and can also be used for particular purpose in some rooms. For example a big colored mirror in dressing room can serve multiple purposes. It can be a nice decoration piece as well as used to view your reflection. It can also make small area appear visually larger and spacious.  A clever trick indeed!

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