Effective Ways to Cure Muscle Cramps

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How to cure muscle cramps

Effective Ways to Cure Muscle Cramps

Muscular cramps occur when muscles are contracted suddenly or involuntarily. These are really painful and make you unable to move, exercise, walk or even rest normally.


It can occur due to several reasons such as rigorous exercises without warm up/cool down, muscle fatigue by overexertion, dehydration, nerve abnormality, overweight or as a side-effect of taking some medications. Sometimes, this problem can be provoked by doing excessive physical activities like running, jumping or swimming for a longer time.


Many home remedies can help treat muscle cramps effectively. According to research, taking calcium and potassium-rich food is a great way to alleviate the problem.


Potatoes, bananas, pulses, broccoli, cabbage, dates, raisins, fish, lamb and grapes have a high content of potassium. That’s why these foods must be taken to treat muscle cramps.

Oil massage

Get massage with herbal oil lotion. It can be prepared at home with these ingredients:
-a cup of almond oil or extra virgin oil, mixed with
-one ounce of Cramp bark tincture,
-half ounce of Lobelia tincture,
-one-fourth ounce of Willow bark
-tincture or 30 drops of Wintergreen oil
Combine these and store in a bottle. Massage affected area with it.

Amino acid

Glycerine is an amino acid that can relax muscles which are affected by cramping. Drink a few cups of chamomile tea daily for two weeks, as it is rich in amino acid.


Honey is believed to be a highly beneficial remedy for getting rid of muscles cramps. Its being used as a natural remedy since ancient times. Taking 10 ml of it regularly with meal can help.

Acetic acid

Acetic acid found in mustard and pickle juice is another panacea for treatment of cramps. Take a few grams of mustard or 15 ml of pickle juice.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar combined with water or other natural substances is very helpful home remedy in several health problems like sore throat,  obesity and cellulite. Its also effective for getting relief from muscle cramps. Combine one teaspoon honey, with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 100 ml of warm water and drink this mixture.

Lavender oil

Being a very strong antispasmodic, it’s recommended for treatment of muscle cramps.


Take bathes in warm water mixed with salt. Another way is to add black and brown mustard seeds into that for getting a quick relief.



It is another beneficial fruit to cure muscle cramps.

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