Foods That Make You Feel Happy

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According to various studies, there are many foods that are ‘mood boosting’ and can really make you feel happy. To relive stress you must eat specific foods because these can produce or release ‘serotonin’ commonly known as ‘the happy hormone’ in your brain.

Spinach : Eat Your Way to Happiness

It is rich in iron and also in the list of foods that elevate mood and make you feel happy. You can get nourishment as well to supply vital ingredients to the body for its proper functioning, health and well-being.

Milk :  Natural Food that Make you Feel Happy

It’s a calcium-rich food that boosts spirits and keeps you in good mood. That is why, people suffering from depression are prescribed to have calcium and vitamin D supplements. All you need to have is only 2 to 3 cups of fresh whole milk daily to improve mood.

Salmon : healthy Foods that Make you Feel Good

Omega 3 fatty acids are healthier for your body. Consuming salmon two to three times a week is a nutritious way to elevate mood as well as maintain good health.

Sunflower seeds : improve your mood with food

These are a good source of fiber and protein. Because, sunflower seeds are rich in selenium, these can make you feel happier and more productive as soon as you eat them.

Whole grain bread, pasta : Foods for a Better Mood

Carbs present in whole grains are energy-boosting foods. These have also been found effective to cure stress and make you happier. Replace refined processed cereals with whole grain versions to get great benefits.

Tofu It can improve your mood

It’s a great meat substitute rich n protein and low in fat and cholesterol. It must be included in diet of those who are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety and worry because it lifts mood. Tofu helps keep you light and happy.

Dark chocolate as a mood booster

To release endorphins in your body, organic dark chocolate is a delicious choice. If you find it , you’re lucky and doing good to yourself. Studies have shown that dark chocolate helps fight depression and lifts mood.

Blueberry : Boost Every Type of Bad Mood

Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are found in abundance in blue berries. These juicy citrus fruits are proven stress-relievers and mood boosters. So, munch a cup of them every morning to get their benefits.

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