Gold Plated Bridal Jewellery Sets 2013

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Gold plated jewelry is getting popular these days because of many reasons. Brides prefer wearing it because it looks jut like gold. It is more economical, stylish and can be made on order using customized Gold Jewelry designs and styles.



Bridal jewelry sets are heavier in size than normal ones. They come with large sized necklaces, big long ear rings, jhoomer and tikka. They are embellished with many decorative items like gems, stones, pearls and lacquer. Colors are gold, silver, copper, bronze, and so on. You can have any color of your choice but mostly golden is liked by brides. Stones and gems are always of the same color as the bridal outfit. Some wear antique style that has pale gold or bronze etc. which goes well with all kinds of wedding gowns or clothes.


artificial gold plated jewellery

Necklace is heavier but short-length. Pendant hangs below it which is exactly the same as the ear rings and tika. Most of the bridal sets have same theme in all its pieces. Designers try making it as heavier as possible because it looks really stunning and graceful.


There is huge variety in gold plated bridal jewelry sets and you get confused to see which one to choose. Its normally not easy. The best way is to consult a friend, an elder or a relative to help you decide the best set. You cal also surf fashion magazines to get an idea of which styles look best.


Another great way is to take a sample of your wedding outfit with you to jeweler’s outlet and ask him to give you a set that goes perfectly well with that color. Don’t forget to wear jewelry sets and observe in mirror to assess their suitability. Jewelry must enhance your beauty and should be highly compatible with your natural face shape and figure.


There are many brands that are offering gold plated bridal jewelry sets. some are expensive than others. Many of them have their exclusive designs. You can buy one that suits you the best.

Some brands are local and others international. Choose one that you like the most. Look for beauty, style, designs, colors and finishing. Some stores offer promotions and other packages. Look for them and avail the opportunity to get maximum discounts and other benefits.Because gold prices have reached record-high prices, majority of middle-class people are unable to afford that. Gold-plated is the best alternate to them.

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