Gorgeous Long Bridesmaid Dresses 2013

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Bridesmaid dresses are as important as bride’s outfit because they too get full attention at the time of wedding and all eyes are staring at them. These should be designed carefully to look more attractive, stylish and appealing.

Color choices

When it comes to choosing best color in bridesmaid dresses, choice are endless. Most women prefer wearing white, cream or off-white shades but in 2013, bright colors are also popular. Hot pink, lavender, maroon, red, navy, purple, green, olive, mustard and so on. You can wear any color that suits you and you feel comfortable in. Usually, contrasts are not preferred in such outfits and only single shade is chosen.

These should be lighter in shade than bride’s gown to make it more appealing and highlight properly.


Normally, bridesmaid gowns are made with sheer fabrics or silk. Because softer material gives good fall and effect; It’s easy to fold and design in a variety of ways. Chiffon is also a popular choice. Different types of silk are used because these look gorgeous and royal. Select a fabric that suits your design and style well. Nylon net is also used to top the gown. Formal material is used and cotton is avoided for such clothes.


Most of the designers create gown styles and long shirts in bridesmaid dresses. The cuts and style is normally similar to that of bride. Their beauty lies in the length because it looks gorgeous and graceful. When you walk along on the carpet with bride in front of the entire crowd, the lengthy fall gives a stunning effect and readily grabs the attention of the visitors.

Back tail has long been in fashion for bridal gowns especially in royal brides. Queens and princesses would wear long gowns with back tails that would be carried along on the floor or carpet as they would walk towards the stage on their wedding day. Same can be added in bridesmaid gowns too, but it’s not too common. This trend is also gaining popularity among common people and they love emulating the royal. Famous fashion designers are adding these royal elements to their normal designs to make them more attractive, costly and graceful.

The gowns can be sleeveless, backless or full-sleeved, depending upon personal taste, local trend, culture and weather conditions too. In bridesmaid gown 2013, the standard design and style is followed that is in trend for several years.

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