Harmful foods for diabetics Foods to be avoided by Diabetes Patients

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Harmful foods for diabetics

Harmful foods for diabetics Foods to be avoided by Diabetes Patients

In all diabetic diets, carbohydrates are limited, whereas15g units of carbs are taken from starch, sugar or preservatives that make blood glucose in the process of digestion. For people having Type 2 diabetes, these foods are not prohibited, but doctors suggest them to limit their consumption to moderate or low.  On the other hand, for those with type 1 diabetes, some foods are allowed to take as a replacement for insulin in worse condition. Such foods in excessive amount should be strictly avoided. It is better to eat them in a small portion only. 


Sugar-rich dessert frosting, fudge, regular soda, sweets and candies have considerably large amount of refined sugar. They provide little nourishment and are loaded with calories. The most adverse health effect is that they instantly raise blood glucose levels to an alarming extent, thus aggravating condition of a diabetic.


Fructose is found in fruits and vegetables. If you look at digestion process, fructose is closer to glucose than sugar. Since, fructose can also cause elevated blood sugar level beyond safety, it is important to strictly limit use of fruits such as mangoes, bananas, plums, and all dried fruits like raisins, fig, dried plums and so on. Among vegetables, carrots too have more fructose in them as compared to many of the fresh fruits.


Potatoes, rice, breakfast cereals and  gravy are rich in starch. They are converted into sugar in the process of digestion, thus making an unwanted addition to the glucose load in the body. Therefore, its necessary to avoid taking too many starchy foods on regular basis. 

Refined Grains

Refined or single grains are detrimental for diabetics. These include white bread, fried items like chips, pies, snacks and cupcakes. They generally contain refined, single-grain flour, (the unhealthy form of flour) that gets directly to sugar during digestion process. It’s also used by chefs in heavy amount. You will find it in a large variety of restaurant foods.

Processed Foods

These include frozen dinners, bakery products, instant potatoes and canned frozen veggies. There is normally very high amount of sugar and starch (and thus more carbs) than their fresh forms. Since, preservatives are added lavishly into them, they mostly have more sugar and salt than required. These are full of fats and calories too. So these better be avoided as much as possible.


This is toxic for all, and also for those with diabetes. Skip it completely.


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