Home Decor Trends 2012

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Home Decor Trends 2012

Inspirational art is one of the main elements in this year’s home decor. Artistic taste is infused in every piece ranging from lamps to pillows, wall panels to kitchen, dishware, linen and washroom tile. Coastal decor is all about peace, comfort, tranquility; and makes you feel you are spending vacation on sea-side.

Vinyl Wall Art

The most interesting thing is, these range from single words to long phrases quotes that are posted on doors, walls or wherever you like having them.

Coastal theme

Another fascinating trend is coastal decor and furnishings. This style has always been used mostly on southern coastal areas or the east coast but now its accepted in every region and is going nationwide.
Coastal designs bring the cheerful ambiance of sea shore right inside the home and make you feel refreshed. Its inspired by nature. Seaside sunset, shades of sand, water and clear blue sky , colors of shells and aquatic creatures are all parts of it.


Coastal colors are added in home interior to keep it in harmony with rest of the decor. This can be wooden or upholstered in neutral or summer white to add serenity and calm.

 Comfort is essential

Apart form the decorative element, comfort is also another important part of entire theme. Its in fact, taken care of more than anything else. Pieces arranged are functional and user-friendly. The moment you enter the room, you fell like dumping into the sofa and stay comfortable.

 Casual look

In majority of coastal arrangements, there’s usually no room for formal designs. It focuses mainly on casual decor, which is more soothing, and easy-to-use for its residents.

 Where to buy

Today there are many stores that offer a wide range of beach-inspired and coastal-theme decoration pieces such as lighting, interior, rugs, cushions, pillows, bed covers, curtains, wall decals, paintings, doors and much more.
Choose them carefully making sure each pieces goes well with the other.

Storage beds

These types of beds were initially introduced for kids rooms, but now their usage has been expanded to adult rooms as well. There are drawers blow the bends that help store bed covers, clothing, or any other handy thing, you wish to have.

Sectional Sofas

These sofas were highly popular in1960’s, and are getting in vogue once again. Today these are widely used because of their functionality, comfort, versatility and chic style. Their easy-to-clean satin fabric make them more functional. Look for earthy colors like cream, beige, brown and sage green.

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