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Many women love to have clear, fair and flawless skin. In our part of world, fairness is loved by all and preferred more than wheatishor dark tone. Almost every woman takes fair complexion as a dream-come-true. For some, it is something to be yearned for whole of their life. They use expensive commercial creams and lotions. These formulae may work for some, but their excessive use can be harmful for your skin. Instead try herbal remedies. These are not only effective but also inexpensive. Regular use can also make skin fresh, neat and fair. Moreover, these have no artificial dyes, strong chemicals and other ingredients.

Rose water, cucumber juice, lemon juice

Combine these three ingredients in equal proportion and apply over face. Don’t forget your neck area. Use at bed time every night. Wash next morning with cold or normal water. It’s really effective and fast. You can have good results after seven days.

Orange peel, milk

Dry peel of fresh orange. Crush it finely to make powder. Mix it in milk to make thick paste. Make sure milk is not boiled. Alternately, lemon zest can also be used in place of orange peel. Apply paste all over face and neck. Let it dry completely and wash with fresh water.

This remedy is also good for managing oily skin.

Gram flour, lemon juice, milk

Mix lemon juice and cold milk with gram flour(besan). Make into a smooth paste. Apply over neck and face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes or until it dries completely. This mixture is also an excellent face cleanser especially for oily skin. Apply every morning and at night.

Lemon juice, glycerin

This mixture is an ideal remedy for making complexion fair. It also works as moisturizer and body lotion. It can be used in winter to prevent skin from getting dry.

Diet is also important

Don’t neglectsignificance of a healthy diet. Carrot juice is perfect for improving complexion naturally. It also provides anti-oxidants. Drink its juice regularly for a better skin tone and blood purification. Choose smaller and red carrots because these are sweeter in taste. Mix a spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Foods that have high amount of vitamin E and vitamin C are good for fair complexion. Avoid carbonated drinks, junk foods, salt, sugar and spices.

Use home remedies sensibly

Try any home remedy for fair complexion only if it suits you. In case of side-effects such as itching, scars or excessive irritation, consult an expert and stop using it. Using too many remedies at a time can also be harmful. Therefore, be moderate.

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