Homemade Revitalizing Face Mask

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Facial masks are excellent to keep skin firm and provide sufficient nourishment to the skin cells. These deeply cleanse the pores, making them healthy fresh and dirt-free. The skin as a result becomes tight, smooth and clear. Instead of buying expensive commercial masks that are loaded with harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, why not make some pure masks at your home. These contain natural components that are not only effective but also easily available and affordable.

Orange juice

Extract juice of an orange and chill it in refrigerator. Dab cotton ball in it and apply all over the face. You can also use brush to apply it lavishly. Let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes or until it completely dries. Wash off with fresh water. It works as an effective astringent as well as mask. It is ideal for oily skin and revitalizes it completely.

Cucumber juice

Crush cucumbers and take out its extract, then apply over the face and leave for several minutes. Remove with wet sponge or rinse off when it dries. It increases blood flow and makes cheeks rosy pink. Cucumber juice is undoubtedly one of the best tonics for the skin.


Warm some honey and apply on the face. Leave for 20 minutes and then massages lightly using circular motion. Wash with warm water and see the difference. It adds shine and nourishes the skin. Honey is used with several other ingredients to make exfoliates and masks.

Milk, lemon extract

Combine whole milk with lemon juice to make a paste. Apply it over your face and let it dry. Then wash with water. It softens and moisturizes skin thoroughly making it glowing, refreshed and smooth.

Peach pulp

Mash a peach and apply it over the face. This mask also serves multiple purposes. It tightens the skin, cleanses the pores deeply and acts as bleaching agent. It also make skin fairer and clear. Apply it as you normally do with any other mask.

Orange zest and milk

Dry orange peel in sunlight and crush finely to make powder. Mix it into milk to form a paste and use it as a mask every day. Besides tightening the skin, it also improves complexion within weeks and makes skin tone fair.

Tomato extract

This mask is ideal for women with oily skin and those who have acne. Use it several times a week and enjoy the benefits. Be careful not to touch the eyes.

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