Homemade Solutions to Clean Wood Floors

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Homemade Natural Wood Floor Cleaners

Homemade Solutions to Clean Wood Floors

Wood floors need special care and maintenance than marble, tiled or any other one. They are getting popular these days because of their durability, beauty and functionality. Because wood is softer than linoleum or tile, it can be easily damaged by tiny grit pieces, sand and water. Several neutral cleaners are available in market that are used for maintaining such type of floors. There are some home-made cleaners as well.

Vinegar and Oil

This mixture, a tasteful salad dressing can also be safely used for cleaning wood floors. Combine oil and vinegar in equal amount and wipe with a cloth over the floor. Vinegar helps remove grime and dirt, whereas oil produces a nice shiny look over it. Using a dry cloth, buff it finally.  Make sure wood is not left wet and is buffed immediately after mixture is wiped.

Vinegar and Water

For some floors there’s no need for extra conditioning of oil and a shiny finish. Use this mixture for them. Take 1/2 cup of vinegar and pour into a gallon of water. It will thoroughly clean the floor without adding any shine. Never soak your floor with this wet liquid as it can be damaging for it because water is absorbed in wood and in turn it swells. This damage can lead for the need of floor replacement in extreme conditions. That’s why, the best way is to use a sponge mop dipped in the mixture and wrung it well to remove as much water from it as possible. Then, wash floor in sections and buff them dry using a clean cloth.

Cotton Dust Mop

This can be very friendly to your wood floor. For best results, run this dust mop over wood floors every day or two. It will remove grit and dirt that can cause scratches and damage. Using cotton mop has many advantages. It’s not only environment-friendly than paper dust mops, but also softer. It’s necessary to remove those bits of dirt before they damage floor.

Washing soda

This is a common ingredient many women use for cleaning purposes in homes. Add a teaspoon of washing soda into a gallon of water. It works great to clean the floor. With a sponge apply little amount of this solution so that it does not soak into the wood. Wipe with a sponge mop, dipped in the solution and wrung it to make nearly dry; then buff dry with the help of a soft cloth.

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