How to Apply Bottom Lash Mascara Like a Pro

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Best bottom lash mascara is hard to apply because these are really fine hair and there are chances of getting smudges all around. Upper lashes are easily to deal with but for lower lashes, its a bit tricky. With little practice and a simple tutorial you can easily learn to coat lashes perfectly because its just a matter of precision and proper know-how. Given here are some bottom lash mascara tips that will help you do this tough task smoothly.

The best brand

Perfect Mascara Brand

Choose mascara that does not make the lashes stick together. It should be of high-quality. Whether its black, transparent or colored, buy the most reputed brand.

Right Tool

Mascara Tool

Choose a wand that comes with perfect round brush. Choose a smaller wand if its available for the lower lash because these hair are thinner and smaller. Mascara brushes that are relatively smaller in size help get the right coat of mascara without causing any smudges around during application.

Clean Lashes

Clean Lashes

Before applying mascara, remove any dirt from the eyes and cleanse them thoroughly to have desired effect after mascara is applied. If you want to put on eye makeup, finish it by applying eye shadow and liner.

Take the Wand

best lower lash mascara

Dip mascara wand in the bottle and remove excess mascara over it. Flaking and smudging can occur if there is too much mascara on the brush. You can use tissue paper to wipe the excess. It will help you avoid clumping of the lashes after applying it.

Wide Open the Eyes

lower lash mascara

For having the best lower lash mascara, make sure you have opened your eyes completely to separate upper and lower lashes. Don’t close the eyes or bring the lids down because it can ruin the effects.

Cover Lower Lids

Apply Bottom Lash Mascara

Its better to cover the skin beneath bottom lashes to avoid mascara smears. Hold the tissue paper or cotton pad beneath the bottom lashes.

Apply Mascara

Best Bottom Lash Mascara

Now hold your mascara wand and rub it against the lower lashes starting from the inner corner of the eye. Keep moving to the outer side. Repeat the process several times on both the eyes unless entire lashes are properly coated. It should be even and nicely done. If lashes clump together, you can separate them with wand instantly before it dries and becomes stubborn. Move the wand gently all the way to cover all hair. Use tip of the wand at the inner corner of the lower lid.

Vertical Direction

For best results, keep the wand vertical because there will be no chances of smearing or clumping. Re-coat the lashes another time for more thickness and curls in the bottom lashes. Let it dry before blinking the eye.

Transparent Mascara

If you are newbie and can’t apply black or colored mascara, you can try transparent mascara gel because its clear and invisible if touches the lids. When you have more grip on the application, you can use black mascara.

These bottom lash mascara tips will be really helpful in applying the mascara perfectly.

bottom lash mascara tips


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