How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Enhance Your Beauty

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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Enhance Your BeautyThe most prominent feature of face is our eyes and to enhance them more we used to put makeup over it by applying eye shadows, mascara, liner. All these need bit practice to excel in this art. This article is about how to apply Liquid Eyeliner. Generally, people think that Liquid Eyeliner is somehow tough. Nevertheless, once if you get excellence in it, you will be expert in it. It is different from pencil liner. Here are some tips and tricks for applying Liquid Eyeliner.

Apply eye shadow of your choice on both eyes but make sure that there must be good base for Liquid Eyeliner to stick on for a long time. Before moving on the next step draw a fine line with pencil lightly on your eyes, so that you can easily and firmly apply liquid eyeliner. Now select waterproof liner and color as well. Usually black is the best ever option but it is up to you which color you want to apply.

Now put your elbow on something that is smooth and stable it could be a table and try to be calm and relax. Now you can apply liquid eyeliner on the line that you draw earlier although apply it very comfortably no need of so speedy. Because if there becomes any mistake there will be time consumption so be careful.

how to apply liquid eyeliner yourself

You can start you liner from the middle of your lash line instead of starting it from the inner corner as most of the women do this. When you are applying eyeliner, make sure that your eyes are half open but don’t apply liner to your bottom lash there are possibilities that might go inside the eye and it can also make your eyes look smaller. Now let it dry for few seconds. No need to blend as it is liquid so it could be possible that it will mix up with your eye shadows and gives your eyes a messy look. You can also use glitters while applying liner.

how to apply liquid eyeliner to upper lid
In the end when you are satisfied, apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. You can be good eyeliner makeup artist by practicing more and more. If you are new then it could be possible in first few attempts to face little mistakes and errors but after sometime, you will get grip over it. Do not lose patience in any circumstances. If you get liner or any other product inside your eye, thoroughly wash your eyes with water and consult doctor.

There are some cautions if your skin is allergic check your liner on your other part of skin it could be hand or arm, one more thing don’t put any eye product especially liquid eyeliner on your water lines as it can go inside your eyes when you open and close the eyes and cause injury as we all are aware of the fact that eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. So guys these are some tips and techniques for your eyes and their makeup. Hoping this could be helpful to you.


How To Get A Great Look With Liquid Eyeliner

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