How to Apply Mascara to Short Eyelashes

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Mascara enhances natural beauty of the eyes and makes them more attractive. If you have naturally thick and long lashes, you are definitely blessed and can go to any party or night out with only one stroke of mascara or even skip that. But if you have small lashes, there you need mascara and apply it properly to make your lashes appear thicker and longer than their actual length.

Multiple strokes to apply coating of mascara

Hold mascara tightly in your hand. Gently move your wand up to apply a thick coating of mascara. Move your lashes down while pushing wand upward. It gives a nice curl that makes eyes smiling and sparkling. Singly coat will not serve the purpose completely. It can go unnoticed if it’s thin in consistency. Therefore, you must apply several coats.

Start with one lash and then repeat a few times. Now do the same with the other lash. When coating is fresh, keep eyes closed or lower to avoid touching it with eye lid because it can leave smudges on the skin.The best way is to apply one coating and leave it to dry. Then repeat the same with lashes on the other eye. Now give another coat and let it dry. Then another one and so on.
Covering lower lashes is optional. If you like you can coat them as well taking care it does not get into the eye. Apply only a thin coating in the lower lashes and don’t overdo.

Choosing the best mascara for Eyelashes

Perfect mascara application depends upon the type you have selected. Always buy long-extension mascara for smaller lashes. Its wand is broader than normal ones.  Compare various brands and don’t forget to try it on using testers.

Transparent mascara gels are also good to use and these are convenient to apply. These don’t leave any smudges and dry instantly. Colored mascara is also in fashion for the past many years. You can use any deep color to add more style and energy to your eyes. Replace mascara every few weeks to give perfect effect.

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