How To Brighten Your Eyes With Makeup For Parties

| August 20, 2014

Do you want to know the best method to know that how to brighten your eyes with makeup? Well we all know that getting the bigger and brighten eyes is one of the complicated tasks for some of the women because they are not well aware from the actual shades and tones that play one of the main roles. But we are sure that this article will going to help you a lot with it. Are you ready to try it?

Tips To Brighten Your Eyes With Makeup:

how to brighten your eyes with makeup

How To Brighten Your Eyes With Makeup For Parties

1. Use Right Eye Shadow:

In the very beginning if you want to give your eyes with the brighter and bigger effect then you should make sure one thing that you give away the dusting your lids with the right eye shadow. A light, dusty, white eye shadow will going to always play one of the main roles in giving the eyes with the bigger attractive touch.

use right eyeshadow brighten your eyes

Use Right Eyeshadow Brighten Your Eyes

But make sure one thing that you don’t give away the eyes with too much makeup applications over the eyelids as it will going to make the eyes looked washed-out. Bronzed eye shadow is one of the best colors that can come into view as complimenting with all types of the skin tons. You can lightly dust it on top of your lids and eyebrow bone.

2. Use Liquid Eyeliner:

As you are all done with the application of the shimmery eye shadow on your eyelids just line the top of your eyelid. This can be done by getting as close to your lash line as possible in the company of liquid eyeliner. Make sure that it should have the fine point so that it can help you get a straight and bold swipe.

apply liquid eyeliner to upper and lower lid

Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Upper and Lower Lid

For giving the eyes with the bigger plus flirty effect then you can wing the eyeliner out a bit at the end of your eyes. As you have line the upper eye you will going to line your inner bottom lid with white eyeliner. You can lined your bottom rim by means of white eyeliner and then swipe some white eye shadow all the way just touching the bottom of your eyelid.

3. Use Of Mascara:

On the last you need to pay some attention in fluttering up the eyes. In this step you will going to make the use of mascara in support of look-at-me lashes. You can even make the choice of adding two coats to your top lashes. Be sure that you move the brush from side to side on your lashes so that you can thicken them up, then. Now you have to add a coat on top of your bottom lashes by especially targeting the outer lashes.

apply mascara for brightens your eyes

Apply Mascara for Brightens Your Eyes

Now here we have all ended up with some of the helpful steps with the help of which women can learn that how they can make the eyes bigger and brighten. Now stop wasting time and try this method right now! You will going to fall in love with your eyes for sure. Finally, we can say that just brighten your eyes with these makeup tips.

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