How to Cover Up Dark Circles with Makeup

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Dark circles leave bad impression and make your eyes appear dull. If you are going to attend a formal event like wedding, party or any other important event, you better put on makeup that makes your eyes fresh. You must hide these circles around the eyes to make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive.

Wash Eyes with Cold WaterWash Eyes with Cold Water

Before makeup, wash your face and eyes with a good cleanser. This will reduce puffiness and blood flow. It will also clean the skin around eyes, making them easy to manage.

Moisturize Face and Dark Circles

Moisturize Face and Dark Circles

Apply moisturizer on your face focusing on the area around eyes. Dab lightly and don’t pull at the skin.

Choose Concealer

Choose Concealer

This is an important step. Choose a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone. Concealers are of two basic types. Stick form and tub form. Stick form concealers are more opaque and thick than tube form concealers. Stick form concealers are also dryer than tube form. If you have wrinkles, you need tube form to give extra moisture to that area.
A yellow or peach tinted concealer can hide blue tones under the eyes.

Apply Concealer after Foundation


If you apply concealer before base, you will rub it making patchy effect around the eyes. After foundation, you need less concealer because it already gives coverage to the skin. Use a good quality brush or your clean dry fingers to apply concealer. Use ring finger to apply concealer because it uses the least pressure. Dab it properly under the eyes and blend it nicely. It must be even and smooth.

Set Concealer with Powder

Concealer with Powder

Its time to increase the staying power of your concealer. Brush powder under the eyes over concealer and cover it properly. It will give more coverage and also help last concealer all day long. Remove the extra powder carefully.

Apply Eyesshadow

Apply Eyesshadow

To brighten up your eyes instantly and make them pop more apply shimming beige or white eye shadow on the skin at tear duct area. This will draw attention away from your dark circles. To enhance its staying power more, you can use a white eye liner under the eye shadow.

Best Products and Tools

Best Products and Tools

To have best results, choose concealer of reputed brand. Use proper tools like brush, puff and applicator. To make eyes more fresh, you can place fresh cucumber slices over them before the first step.

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