How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

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Just like haircuts, eyebrow shapes are also very important. This is crucial to get perfect eyebrow shape. A good makeup artist would tell you that how you want to look your eyebrows in what shape. It is fact that eyebrows shape has great influence with the face look. Through eyebrows, eyes get the definition and get shape of overall look of your face.

If you want to get perfect eyebrows shape then you should consider some points which are most important to get perfect shape. You can go to a makeup artist or any salon and get eyebrows threaded or waxed, or you can get the perfect shape by yourself. The first thing is to figure out the best suitable eyebrows shape for your face then decide how thin or thick you can shape your brows by using thread or tweezers and the third is to get pencil line. The perfect arches help to emphasize your eyes and can give you younger look.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

The perfect eyebrows for your face shape or arch can help you to open up and improve the eye area and can give you fresh, younger look, healthy and more attractive.

So the question is, how will you go with perfect brows shape? You face shape plays a crucial role in determining the best eyebrows shape work for you. Here are some advises that you should consider.

  1. For the square face shape, softly rounded eyebrows are the way to work for you in best way.
  2. Round face is perfect for getting the angled shape eyebrows. This shape can define and bring out the face structure. So, higher arch is best for round face shape.
  3. Tails of eyebrows are perfect for long face shape. Long face vertically stretched out so in this case, it is important to extend the brows tails.
  4. Well-manicured and groomed brows can work for heart shape of face. These brows will serve to balance the facial features.
  5. A balanced and classic eyebrow is best for the oval face shape.

Frame Your Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrow Shape

This is important for you to find the right place where your inner brows should start. To figure out this, line up your eyes from corner to the edge of your nose. Highlight a spot with eyeliner pencil. There is need to identify and measure the outside of nose up to the inside of the eye corner.

Find the Eyebrow Arch

Eyebrow Arch

Find the eyebrow arch where you want peaks. This is essential to identify before by lining up with the outer edge of nose and iris. Place a dot on arch peak and repeat it on the other side of eye.

Keep in mind that both eyebrows should be same in shape, length and thickness. A little different can make your personality dull.


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