How to Gain Weight Fast

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Being underweight is as serious problem as obesity because it leads to many other health complications as well. Dizziness, weakness, lethargic feelings, sleepiness, lack of energy, low blood sugar and many other signs come with being underweight. Besides, skinny figure does not look attractive at all. It is important have normal body weight according to your age and height.

Protein rich diet help in weight gaining

The ideal foods for gaining weight is to eat foods rich in protein. These make body mass and help build muscles. You can get rid of skinny appearance by eating meat, fish, poultry, whole milk, eggs, lentils, pulses and other sources.

Supplements can also work to gain weight

As an added measure, consult a dietitian and get protein supplement recommended. Liquid supplements work faster than pills and capsules because their absorption rate is relatively higher.  Ask about the best protein supplements available that work for you and then take them regularly for several weeks or months as prescribed.

Essential fats for gaining weight

Try to include foods that provide sufficient fats to your body and make you energetic. Try to remain in the limited quantity because consuming saturated fats in excess amount can cause many diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol levels, heart disturbances and so on. Take cheese, whole-cream milk, yogurt and nuts regularly. Cream, oils , butter and margarine are some of the options that are  not only nutritious but also help increase body weight.

Exercise can increase body weight

Physical exercise is another important activity that can increase body weight and help get rid of skinny figure. Exercise can build body muscles and tone your body. Aerobics boost blood flow in the body and improve health. When you do several physical activities, your metabolism also increases and foods get absorbed in the blood better. Eating healthy foods 15 to 20 minutes after exercise is a smart way to build body mass.

Portion size and healthy and nutritious foods

Increase your dietary intake and double the portion size to get more calories and energy. Add only healthy and nutritious foods in your diet. Milk shakes, smoothies and bananas are also fattening foods. So, include them in your regular diet.

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