How to Get Perfect Smokey Eye Look

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Smokey eye makeup is in fashion these days. Actually it is used by models, actresses, celebrities and famous personalities. That is why everyone likes smokey eye makeup and wants to look like celebrities by applying smokey makeup. It is not very hard to get smokey eyes, a little effort and some useful tips and tricks will help you to get smokey eyes. Here we are providing you most effective ways and tips to make beautiful smokey eyes. In this kind of makeup dark colors are used to get a prominent and attractive look.

How to Get Perfect Smokey Eye Look

How to Get Perfect Smokey Eye Look

The first step in eye makeup is to apply concealer, it will not only provide a smooth base for eye makeup but also hide the dark circles and any kind of spot if you have on your face. So apply creamy concealer around the eye area to get shiny and smooth eye makeup.
Now take a black pencil liner and apply it over the upper lash line, this line should be thin from inner side (starting point) and thicker at outer side. Now come to lower Lash line, apply same black pencil or kajal at inner line of the lower eye lid.

It is time to apply eye colors or eye shadows. These colors are mostly darker black, brown, grey and silver. Choose a color according to your dress color and blend it well. Only one eye color cannot make smokey eyes in fact smokey eye makeup is the blend of many colors. Te trick in this makeup is to merge or blend these darker colors until they give an even, smooth and glossy look like a celebrity.

How to Create a Smoky Eye Effect

How to Create a Smoky Eye Effect

Try to avoid creamy eye shadows as they are difficult to blend well. If you are a professional and able to use creamy eye shadows then it is well and good, creamy color must help you to get perfect glossy and smokey eyes. But it is difficult for the beginners to deal properly with creamy eye colors.

In the last apply two to three coats of mascara on both upper and lower eye lasher. It completes your eye makeup and provides beautiful and broader look to your smokey eyes. After mascara apply eye liner pencil or liquid eye liner to give proper shape to the eyes. You can make your eyes small or big with the help of eye liner.

If you want to keep your eye color fresh for long time then use creamy color after concealer, wait for sometime then coat your powder eye shadow.So these useful tips must help you to get beautiful and lovely smokey eyes to attract and catch every eye and enjoy admiration.

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