How to Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

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Lips are the important movable part of our face and beautiful pink lips add glamorous look to the face and make you very beautiful even your smile. It is the most attractive area of beauty in face. But with the time, due to many reasons it becomes dark.

How to Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

How to Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

The causes included in darken the lips are hormonal changes, low level of vitamins, allergies, low level of magnesium, calcium and iron deficiency, lack of blood, smoking, excessive use of tea and coffee and sometime due to weakness. Her I will tell you the effective tips that ensure you get beautiful pink lips naturally. The tips are following;

  • Lemon honey lip serum is best and perfect treatment that you can do easily at your own home without going outside. Lemon is best for removing tan from lips. Mixture of lemon juice and honey helps to add baby pink colour on lips. Coat lips with the mixture and after one hour wipe off with cotton. Do this process three to four times in a week.

  • Glycerine is also very good product to get rid of dark lips. Apply glycerine on your dark lips and before going to bed use cotton buds and remove it. This treatment keeps moisture and prevent from it to dry.

  • Take juicy beetroot and simply massage on your dark lips before going bed at night. You can do it in your leisure time regularly. Just take the little piece of beetroot and massage on lips during watching television or movie. Beetroot remove the tan from your dark lips naturally and in few days you will able to get pink lips.

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