How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally 10 Best Beauty Tips

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Amongst all skin types, people with oily skin tend to face skin problems the most as the primary cause of acne and pimples is the oil that accumulates on your face and clogs your pores. In summers particularly, this problem aggravates and people with oily skin are often seen trying their hand at a host of different products and methods to cure this. Although, if you stick to one particular beauty regime your skin problems can reduce significantly and you can have a beautiful, problem free face. The following tips are applicable on oily and combination skin both.

1.    In order to get rid of excessive oil on your face, you must keep it dry. Of course, don’t complete dehydrate your skin and dry out essential oils but use a face wash or a cleanser that prevents the unnecessary oil excretions, yet keeping your face gentle and moisturized.

2.    When looking for cosmetics, especially foundations and bases always use a good quality product which is “aqua” or “water” based. Using an oil based product will only increase the “oiliness” on your face leading to acne and pimples.

3.    Apply face masks or scrubs which are particularly designed for oily skin. Fuller’s earth commonly known as Multani Mitti in Pakistan does wonders for oily skin, keeping it clean and taut.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally 10 Best Beauty Tips

4.    Use a toner every night before going to bed, as it is deemed absolutely essential for oily skin.

5.    During summers, keep scented hand wipes or face wipes in your bag to gently rub off excess oil from your face whenever you feel the need to do so.

6.    You can also dab or spray rose water on your face during the day. Rosewater makes the face look clean and supple.

7.    If you have an oily skin, you must reduce oil intake in your body. This means that you should strictly limit eating oily, junk food and opt for a healthier diet which involves lots of fruits and green vegetables.

8.    According to Cosmetician, Dr. Divya the best solution for oily skin is milk and orange. You can use orange peel, grind it to a powdery form and mix it with milk. Apply this mixture to your face and you will notice the

9.    Of course, like all other skin problems the solution for oily skin also lies in increasing the intake of water and fruit juices.

10.    You can also consider washing your face with Besan(Gram flour) everyday; it rids your face of excess oil and keeps it dry during the day.

Follow these tips and your skin problems will be resolved in no time!

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