How to Increase Blood Circulation in Body

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Proper blood flow is required for oxygen delivery to the cells and removal of waste matters and carbon dioxide from the body. On the other hand, poor circulation can lead to many serious health issues like hypertension, stroke and heart ailments. Symptoms of poor circulation can be:

•    Numbness
•    Cold hands and feet
•    Breath shortness
•    Lack of energy
•    Dizziness
•    Irregular heart beat
•    Pain in legs
•    Swollen legs and ankles
•    Slow healing
•    Hemorrhoids
•    Brain fog
•    poor memory

It can make your life difficult and dull.

Increase Blood Circulation by Massage

Massaging essential oil blend vigorously in hands and feet increases blood flow and boosts up energy levels. Keep movements towards the heart while massaging the muscles.

Increase Blood Circulation Hands and feet soak Method
This is another soothing way to improve blood flow. To prepare the mixture, blend essential oils together and pour them into a tub of warm water. Now dip your hands and feet for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Herbs that Increases Blood Circulation

Many herbs are known to improve blood circulation and make you feel energetic. These are:
•    Alfalfa
•    Cilantro
•    Epherda
•    Cayenne pepper
•    Hawthorn
•    Ginger
•    Prickly Ash
•    Stinging Nettle
•    Yucca
•    Dandelion
•    Celery Seed
•    Epherda
•    Ginko biloba
•    Elder flower

The ideal way to get good benefit from it is to use these herbs in tea. An effective remedy is to make herbal tea using ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and Ginko biloba. It works great to treat poor blood flow.

Mix dried Hawthorn flowers and leaves and place them in boiling water. Infuse for almost 20 minutes. Drink 2 to 3 cups daily.

Diet for improved blood flow in Body

Several foods have been found useful in improving circulation.  These include fish, onion, garlic, nuts, vitamin B rich foods (meat, dairy, whole grains, potatoes, lentils and molasses), high-fiber diet, pumpkin seeds, colorful vegetables, lean meat, oranges, watermelon, lemon juice and water.

Exercises most effective way to Increase Blood Circulation

Walk, yoga, stretches, swimming, running, weight lifting and jumping are some of the exercises that can boost your blood circulation and make you more energetic.

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