How to Look Fabulous After 40

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When you reach 40, it’s the onset of old age and you are likely to have many beauty and health issues. At that point, aging effects keep you worried all the time. Hair loss, weakness, poor skin conditions are major concerns that you should deal with sensibly. Given here are some effective tips to look fabulous even when you in your 40s.

Beauty treatments

To get rid of aging effects, don’t forget to visit your salon or spa regularly. Facials are good to keep skin tight, clean and neat. Use products that are compatible with your skin type.

Daily skin care

As in young age, daily skin care is equally important when you cross 40. Cleansing, exfoliate and masks are vital to keep skin tight, young and fresh.

Well-balanced diet

Foods you consume have a direct impact upon your health, skin and hair. So, be careful about your diet. Eat fresh fruits, raw vegetables, dairy, whole-grain cereals, meat, poultry and fish. Drink plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated and fresh.


The benefits of regular workout can’t be under-estimated especially when you’ve approached 40. It should not necessarily be rigorous gym exercise. Even a light 30 to 40 minutes morning walk can be enough to maintain your ideal health. Yoga is another energizing yet relaxing way to stay healthy. Aerobics like cycling, swimming, jumping and running are also good in that age.


Sports and games are perfect alternate to those who have an aversion towards heavy exercises and don’t have required stamina for that. Choose any entertaining game that helps you shed pounds and tones muscles. Basket ball, tennis, soccer, hiking and skiing are some of the sports that you can enjoy with friends or kids. Avoid computer games because these make you couch potato and increase laziness.

Dress up nicely

Entering old age does not mean that you should start wearing dull colors and awkward styles. You can still put on red, hot pink, yellow, orange, maroon and purple without any objection. Trouser and shirts are fashionable. Choose style that are not too girlish, teeny or vivacious. Dressing has a deep impact upon your personality and can make you attractive. It can hide your aging signs too. Get help from a dress designer who can assist you with designing your wardrobe. Buy appropriate clothes that suit you and keep you comfortable. Get a mix of simple and embellished outfits to wear on different occasions.

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