How to Look Like a Princess on your Wedding Day

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There are many things you should do to appear like a princess. First, you need to have beautiful skin, long thick golden hair, lots of formal dresses, stylish silver sandals and a crown. To give a fairy tale princess look to your personality, lots of things should be done. You need to pay close attention to each and every thing from head to toe. Look at cinderella, rapenzel, Fiona and other princesses. They all have gorgeous personality.

Flawless skin

Make sure you cleanse your skin everyday and get necessary beauty treatments to make your skin clear, spotless and scars-free. Rosy pink cheeks attract every one and they look stunning too. Whether you put on makeup or stay simple, a clear skin leaves first impression. So, keep it as healthy as possible. Try to stay away from acne, blemishes and other skin problems. Follow a daily skin care routine and stick to it with perseverance.


To add glamour to your face, putting on makeup is a must. Choose the most fascinating shade of gloss, eye liner, mascara and eye shadow. Apply it properly. Blush your cheeks with pink or peach shades. When done properly, makeup enhances your beauty instantly and lifts your appearance. With cosmetics, you can conceal any natural flaws and highlight good points. Black liner and mascara are mostly used but you can also use colored one according to your outfit, occasion and taste.

Fancy outfit

Princesses never wear ordinary clothes. So, why should you. Always choose formal attire full of gems, pearls, stones, beads and sequins when going into any formal party, night-out or any other event. You want to dazzle others with your finer taste in clothing. White is the most popular choice but other colors are also in fashion. Visit your nearest boutiques and ask the designer to produces something royal for you. Remember, not to overdo it because excess of everything is bad.


No princess is complete without glamorous jewelry pieces. Wear ear rings, pear neck lace, finger rings, anklets and bracelets. Its all about how you feel comfortable. If you can easily carry heavy jewelry, wear it. Otherwise, lighter items are also fine. These look more delicate, decent and sleek. Make sure your jewelry looks perfect with the outfit you are wearing.

Fancy sandals

Of course, pumps and casual shoes are not for princess. Try something extraordinary like silver or white sandals with high heels. Formal court shoes are also superb. So, choose your footwear sensibly.

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