How To Remove Gel Nails Polish

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It is easy to remove gel nails at home if you don’t like them. Gel nails chip when your natural nails grow out. So, they irritate a lot and cause disturbance. They must be removed instantly. Another option is to get them trimmed by the manicurist and who will redo the shape.

Although gel nails have become popular all over the world in beauty salons.

Things required

First you need to arrange for these items to remove gel nails.
•    Nail file
•    Bowl
•    Acetone-based nail enamel remover
•    Sterilized cotton balls


1.Pour hot water into a bowl or warm it by putting for a few minutes in microwave oven. Make sure that bowl rim is wide enough to fit in your fingers comfortably in.
2.Now add enamel remover into the bowl. Pour it in sufficient quantity to dip your nails completely into that. Soak nails in the enamel for 10 to 15 minutes.

3.Pull off gel nails gently from each finger. Make sure your hand is dry because wet hands can slip and hamper proper removal of the nails. If you feel that gel nails are still too hard and not easily removable, soak the nails for another 5 to 10 minutes to soften the adhesive.

4.Repeat the same with other with the other hand.

5.Take a cotton ball and wipe away any leftover particles from your nails. First dip cotton ball in nail enamel remover and then swipe over the nails.

6.Buff all nails to make them smooth and shiny.Buffer helps make rough nails smooth and shiny. Another option is to pain nails with strengthening polish. It will let them recover to natural form.


It is important to warm water only to fair degree that you can easily tolerate. It should neither be cold or too hot. Use sterilized cotton balls only and avoid re-using them to stay away from any infections. Wipe the nails after you are done with the entire procedure and immediately pat them dry. It is better not to let nail gels remain as it is for several days or weeks. Remove them often and re-apply when you want to.

Gel nails are easy to remove at home using a few items only.

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