How to Remove Self Tanner from Body

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To have a nice summer glow on your skin, self-tanners are a wonderful choice. They don’t let potential UV rays damage cause disturbance to your delicate flawless skin. Besides benefits of using self-tanners, they also leave awful stains on the body, which should be removed instantly.

Items required for removing self tanner

To remove self-tanner completely, you must have these things first.
•    Moisturizer
•    Loofah
•    Scrubber
•    Lemon extract
•    Baby oil
•    Irish Spring soap
•    Bleaching agent

Self Tanner Removing Procedure:

The first step is to rinse away excess of self-tanner on your hands, face and other body parts. Use a good quality liquid soap and scrubber to make skin clear.

Buy a commercial self-tanner remover lotion from your local store. Consult a dermatologist to get complete information about the best and the most suitable brand available.

Now apply that remover on your palms and rub continually until stains vanish. For stubborn marks, use scrubber if you need.

When you are done with the remover, wash it off thoroughly with fresh water. Repeat it several times if needed. Rub lemon juice on the stains. Use loofah to rub it gently. Apply baby oil over the area that is affected by stains.Use Irish Spring soap.

Finally, apply lightening bleach that is especially made for facial hair. Tough stains will further diminish with it.

Precaution while using self tanner

It is better to wear gloves while applying self-tanner on the body.Apply generous amount of moisturizing lotion on the areas where self-tanner is applied. It will not cause any stains to appear on that area and also help them remove easily if they do form. Moisturizer also provides lubrication on the skin and does not cause scratches, damage, dryness and roughness.

Avoid exposure to sun rays or extreme heat after removing self-tanner stains. Don’t use it often because it can seriously damage skin cells.

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