How to Treat Sunburn

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Sunburn Home Treatment, Remedies, and Relief

How to Treat Sunburn

Summer is finally here and in this sunny weather, people usually prefer wearing short clothes. As temperature goes high, it leaves many effects on skin such as sunburn. Despite taking many precautionary measures like applying sunscreen lotions, wearing hats and scarves, which are essential for getting an escape from scorching sun heat.


You avoid going outdoors as much as possible. However, in many situations, you still get sun strokes or sunburns, especially when a considerably longer period of time is spent under the sun. The sunburn can get worse in Summer, if not treated properly.

Follow these remedies to get rid of this crucial problem:

Aloe Vera

Split an aloe vera plant and get its gel. Then apply it moderately, and carefully rub over affected skin. Repeat this several times until you are satisfied.  Aloe gels available in the market are also a good alternate. It can work especially when you don’t have enough time to get it from the plant. Make sure it does not contain high quantity of aloe gel, as it can cause rashes and scars on sensitive skin.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential oil helps heal a sun burn fast. Combine a few drops of oil in aloe gel and apply on the area. It will be having soothing effect on the skin.


This nourishing food is a great remedy for cure of sunburn. Apply it on burnt skin and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes.  Rinse it off with clean water.

Green Tea

Another helpful way for treatment of sunburn is green tea. To prepare this tonic, make tea as you normally do. In boiling water, add green tea and cover it. Turn off the heat and leave it for a few minutes to cool down. Now mix equal amount of clean cold water into that. Dip any soft cloth into that tea mixture and dab gently over sunburn. Continue for 5 or10 minutes.

Medical option

Using an anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve burn pain and inflammation of the skin is an effective way. Take shower with cold water to soothe the skin and try to avoid the use of harsh soap. You can also add a cup of black tea and a cup of apple cider vinegar for getting relief from swelling and pain.

Healthy diet

Take fresh citrus fruits, drink plenty of water at least 10 to 15 cups a day to keep skin well-hydrated.

Proper clothing

Wearing loose fitted cotton clothes to avoid friction with the skin may also help.
Use a mild moisturizer over affected skin at night. It will avoid dryness and roughness as well.

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