How to Wash Hair with Hair Extensions

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Many women wear hair extensions because they look pretty and stylish. They are the best option to style your hair and add charm to your personality in no time. You can have as many extensions as you like on different occasions and set them nicely on your hair. But washing extensions can be an issue because these can go rough if not managed properly. Shampoos come with harsh chemicals and strong ingredients which can harm delicate hair.

Mild shampoo

To wash and cleanse hair extension, always use only mild shampoo. A herbal or organic shampoo is an excellent idea. Home-made shampoo can also work well. Take only a small amount of shampoo in your palm and rub gently over the extensions or entire hair. Make sure you are not pulling your strands because it can cause extension to get lose or fall. Wash with normal water. Pat dry with towel and don’t comb until it gets completely dry.

Avoid soap

Soaps have harmful chemicals that have an adverse effect on delicate hair. Extensions can get rough easily because these usually contain synthetic fibers. Their colors can also fade with excess use of soaps.


Conditioner is extremely important to soften dry hair. After shampoo, rub a small amount of conditioner and wash thoroughly several times to make sure entire conditioner is completely removed. Try not to apply on the scalp and rub only on the hair strands.

Hair type

When choosing shampoo and conditioner, consider your natural hair type first. Whether it is oily, dry or brittle, buy only those hair cleansing products that are especially prepared for your hair type.

It works effective and better.Sit in front of washing sink and place your hair in it. Now wet entire hair completely and apply shampoo and then wash lightly. Pat dry with towel.

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