Indian vs Pakistani Fashion Trends

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Indian and Pakistani fashion has so much in common because they once lived together and their roots are the same. The only difference of culture is because of Religion. They follow Hinduism and Pakistanis are Muslims in majority.
The roots of Pakistani and Indian fashion are the same, so they have a reflection of one another.

Traditional dress

Both in India and Pakistan, the traditional dress is Shalwar Kameez. There are many variations in it but the basic style is the same. Men and women wear this dress in casual days and even in formal occasions as well.

How Fashion designers impact fashion

In Pakistan, fashion is mostly influenced by the giant designers who come with innovative ideas every season and affect minds of people. Everyone starts wearing the same dresses as their big designers are offering. They blindly follow one another and buy their dresses.

Media and celebrities

These days, electronic media especially TV and internet is playing a great role in creating fashion awareness among people in Pakistan and India. People living in both the countries are greatly influenced by what their actors and actresses are wearing. TV show hosts, news anchors and artists playing in popular soaps are their role models. Color contrasts, styles and designs are all followed.

Western infusion

Gone are the days when only traditional clothes were loved by all. Now western dresses are coming in India and Pakistan too. Women and men are crazy about wearing jeans, T-shirts, Blouses, Capri, tights and trousers. They feel that they look more stylish and gorgeous wearing dresses of western style. Jeans is highly popular among people of both countries.
Gowns and frocks have also come from the west. Designers in both countries are offering traditional, local as well as western collection to create huge line of clients. Because, needs are varying now and people are no more confined to a few styles only.

Combination of local and western

Another style introduced in Pakistan and India is mixture of traditional and western clothing. Women and men wear jeans and embroidered kurta; blouses and skirts; Tights and shirts with panels. They also wear hijab with jeans and shirts. So, it’s a combination of various cultures. It takes you away from all boundaries and cultural limitations. People are wearing whatever they like without considering whether it’s western or local.
The basics of fashion in Pakistan and India are the same and both are highly influenced by western style and adopting that.

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